Monday, June 3, 2013

123 Days of Prayer-Day 16

Dear God,

I thank you Lord that you are the Sovereign God of the Universe.  You are pure and holy and magnificent.  There are no human words that adequately can describe You.  You are known and not-known. You are closer than a friend yet mysterious.  Your creation is beautiful and good and pure.  You know all about us each second of our day is known to you - every breath we take you notice.  Forgive us our sins Lord as we forgive others who sin against us.  Give me your heart.  Let my mind be like the mind of Christ.  Focused on the eternal not the past or the present.  Shine Your Light through me in my words, actions and deeds. I am not afraid for I know that You go before me.  I will stay true.  I will walk in peace. My prayers I know You hear - for You love me, created me and call me good.  May my days be filled with thoughts of Your goodness, kindness, patience and love for others.  May I reflect You and may I see You in all the small details of my life.

I thank You for this life.  Let me not grow weary of doing good. May I find peace amidst the chaos on this earth. May my heart and ear be quick to recognize Your voice.  May my feet and hands be used as You alone see fit.  Make me a blessing to others my Lord as You have been a blessing to me.

I pray for this world.  I pray for Your people.  I pray for justice and mercy and grace.

In Your Precious Name - the Name above all Names - Jesus the Christ.

Your daughter,


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