Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 19

For every one that asketh receiveth. — Luke 11:10

This scripture comes with a preface.  When we ask God for anything that we have already envisioned we ask in vain.  God wants us to ask from a place of desperation.  If we are satisfied with our spiritual self we are not in a position to ask from God for anything.  The pauper recognizing his poverty begs.  So we too out of our spiritual poverty should beg - humble ourselves and beg.  Think of David face down on the floor lamenting his own sinful heart.  This is a man whom God chose to become King.  A man about whom it was said "had a heart for God."  He sinned.  We ALL sin!  We are on the pathway - but we are wicked - and the only proper response is to ask the Holy Spirit for cleansing.  Ask and ye shall receive.  We are not talking about shallow earthly goods.  We are talking about our wretched soul.  Prayer is not a gumball machine.  Prayer does not provide an instant reward.  Prayer is asking God not to do our bidding, but to bring us back to that right relationship where He is our Guide.  Our earthly bodies are made to worship the King.  Should God decide to use them for His Glory that is His prerogative.  We receive not - because we ask not.  God cares about one thing - and one thing only - our hearts.  What is our motivation dear hearts for asking?  Is it to receive the King? Or to receive a lust of our flesh.  Bigger, Better, Brighter?


When I think about the prayers that I have offered up to You, prayers for anything that might make me comfortable - I am ashamed.  My prayer first and foremost should be that you cleanse me clean and whole. That the desires of my heart become the desires of Your heart.  That no word or action would come out of me that is not from the Holy Spirit.  Guide my path oh Lord.  Not my will, but Thy will.  Remember me dear Jesus.

Your daughter,


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