Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 66 A Prayer of Embracing

We are a little more than half way through our 123 days and today is a prayer of embracing.  God longs for us to embrace not just the good in our lives but that which we may consider uncomfortable.  If we are to be called Disciples we must learn that God uses all things to bring glory to Him and to bring the BEST for us 

 Embrace change and all circumstances as God moving in our lives and see how it changes us from good to best in the light of His glory and grace.

Father in Heaven

We pray this morning that we might embrace ALL that you have for us.  Not just the good but those things which cause hurt and discomfort.  We ask Lord that you thoroughly use us today in whatever means possible to bring continued glory to You.  May we never wish to be lifted up - but only through You may our actions words and deeds be seen.  

We embrace You....all of You including Your times of melting and molding.  We embrace the change that You bring to our lives.  We embrace the struggle and release it to You knowing that when we stop fighting and start embracing Your truths become more apparent to us and our imperfections diminish in Your Light.

Thank you that you are a Father that allows us to embrace You.  That you are not a distant father figure but a papa that we can climb up onto Your lap and tell our inner most secrets and You will not admonish us but will wipe away our tears and embrace us as well.

We love You this morning and every moment of our day.  I breath You in and I breath You out. My rock, my shield, my comfort, my Abba.

Your daughter,


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