Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 87-Prayers of Affirmation

I have been reading Henri Nouwen's book on Discernment as I continue to pray my way through 123 days of intentional prayer for God's next assignment for me.  Perhaps you are in the same place as I am...seeking, longing, searching nature, people, and events that give us clues to the next ministry God is assigning to us.  There are so many opportunities to be involved with that we can become distracted by all the different paths.

Also, if, like me, you have just come through a major change in your life you may find yourself questioning your call.  Doors don't seem to be opening like we think they should.  A long drought period leaves you wondering if perhaps God has a completely different plan for your life.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to test my call.  I have been a worship pastor for over ten years when I found myself in a new transition.  Knocking on doors and seeking God's next move did not uncover much for me.  And I began to question my call.  Perhaps I was to do something different for the Lord.  Perhaps I am too old to be relevant anymore.  Perhaps my personality does not fit the new model of a modern day worship leader.  Questioning everything about myself.  I wondered when I walked through this newest door how God would move.

I was able to walk into a brand new church with all new musicians and a large choir I had never met and with minimal rehearsal lead a worship service for the church and share a choir special.  Not only was it the easiest assignment I had encountered but it was so brimming over with the Holy Spirit moving that I found myself in the middle of the service completely amazed and astounded at how God moved on the people in the congregation and the people who were leading with me.  A spontaneous movement to the altar occured by a young man with MS and was followed by others who freely wept and cried out to God.  It was one of those services that was completely taken over by God and we all stood and marveled and prayed until all those at the altar had prayed through.  I wanted to SHOUT with joy - and think I did ;-)

After the service I was visiting with some folks and realized that what God did in that service was affirm His call on my life as a worship pastor.  I felt renewed, revived and at peace knowing my path is once again clear to me.

I write all this to encourage anyone who may be questioning their call and needing an affirmation.  Step through the door God gives you whether you think it is right or not - step through.  It could be that God wants to re-affirm your call and give you clear direction.  It may be that He is giving you peace.

Here is the prayer that I have been praying.  I hope it helps you as you seek God's Will in your life.

I pray Lord that you will guide me and direct my path in all ways.  I pray Lord for opportunities that you direct to show me if I am on the right path or if there is something else that you have for me.  I pray that I will open my eyes and heart to nature, people, places, things and events that will give me clues as to where my next ministry will be.  Thank you Father for your care and gentle spirit as you guide me along.  Open the doors and close the doors as needed.  Help me discern and affirm not just what is good for me - but what is best to your Kingdom."

Your daughter,


++Cathy is a writer, speaker and worship leader.  You may contact her for information on engagements at or at 217.521.2070

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