Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 93 -123 Days of Prayer

A prayer of a child.


This morning Lord I release to you any future thoughts I might have about Your Will for my life.  Instead Father I firmly place my hand in yours and vow not to let go to wander off a path that would pull away from You.  I know that You are my Abba, my Daddy, my Protector and my Guide.  I know that You want the best for my life and so I give you my all, my life, my soul, my heart, my thoughts, my moves, my actions, my desires, my future is all in Your strong hands.

I pray Lord for all those around me.  Those whom I love and know and those who I don't know.  I pray for those who would think evil of me and ask that Your Spirit would move on their hearts in forgiveness.  I release my past to You today and resolve not to look back not to look forward but to live in the moments of each day with You as you show me and teach me, guide me and love me.

You are my all in all.  Master, Savior, Creator, God.

I am your child.



**Cathy is a writer, speaker, worship leader.  You may contact her at 217 521 2070 or at cwoolaway@yahoo.com

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