Monday, August 19, 2013

Prayer for Rest-Day 92

"Come all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28


Today I pray Lord for those who are burdened with the sins of the past.  The guilt or the unforgiveness of past actions laden on their backs bending their physical bodies and draining their spiritual souls.  I pray Lord that they would not focus on themselves or their circumstances but that they Lord would put all their focus on You and Your Word.  That they would meditate on it night and day and that You Lord would take them by the hand, remove the burdens from their hearts as they give themselves to you completely and cleanse them of their past.  Give them the rest of a pure heart - a heart that knows and believes in forgiveness of all sin.  A heart that no longer clings to what was - but rather to You in all Your fullness of life for them.

Help each one to understand what Rest in You means.  Not chaos, or confusion, not thrashing or self examination but trust and rest in the faith that is found in a resurrected body and life.  We are the resurrected body just as You were resurrected - we find our rest in our own resurrection and the belief and trust in that.

Thank you for your Word that is living and inspiring each of us to long for our best for You   Though we do not have an understanding of what that Best is...we know that in our rest you will supply that as well.

Help us each to remember that You did not come for one - but you came for ALL that we might find our rest and ultimately our eternal rest.

We love You today and give You all praise and honor and glory,


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