Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DAY 79 - Prayer of Discernment

I have been studying Henri Nouwen's book on Discernment.  Henri was a man dedicated to Christ and to living his life as close to Christ as he could while on earth.  Although a Roman Catholic priest - he judged no other community but simply mined the truth and moved on.

He spent many hours and days in praying for discernment in his life choices and his vocation.  He left a life of comfort teaching, speaking and writing to join a community for the disabled where he was their pastor but also where he lived and worked alongside them, loved them where they were at.  Ultimately he understood that he was not called to help the disabled - but he was called to live in a community of people who could teach him about service and obedience, gratitude and humility.

He teaches that in your prayer life solitude is the first thing before community.  You must place yourself for a time in a period of solitude where nothing hinders your talk with the Lord.  He also encourages the reading of Scripture, spiritual biographies, contemporary devotions and historical books in your solitude.  A method of prayer he used for himself was taking a short passage of scripture - one or two words or one line and saying it over and over while in prayer to God.  He admitted a restless spirit - even while praying - and found that focusing on a word or sentence helped him to stay still and quiet before the Lord.

I have used this myself in my solitude. What I have found is that I have been able to break a habit, actually several habits that keep me from a deeper level of discipleship.  Also God has given me "signs" through people, places and nature that are starting to help me understand my path.

There is a long way to go before I can get to a place of complete abandonment but understanding is the key that unlocks the door to your best life in Christ.  

Prayer for today:


I have been on the journey with you for most of my life and yet the older I get the more I understand how little I really know.  I pray Lord that during this time of solitude that I would come to grow deeper in hearing Your still small voice.  I long to see people, places, dreams, visions and nature as your loving signs to me about how to live my best life.  I thank you and praise You for the life you have given me. I will continue to keep my eyes and ears alert and my spirit in tune through the many moments of my day.  These are the times of refreshment and renewing that you give us.  I will not worry about tomorrow - but I will bask in your presence with me today.  I am grateful.

Your servant,


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