Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 93 - Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.....

The Ministry of the Unnoticed

Matthew 5:3 blessed are the poor in spirit

The true character of the loveliness that speaks for God is always unnoticed by the one possessing that quality. Conscious influence is prideful and unchristian. If I wonder if I am being of any use to God, I instantly lose the beauty and the freshness of the touch of the Lord. “He who believes in Me . . . out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38). And if I examine the outflow, I lose the touch of the Lord.
Who are the people who have influenced us most? Certainly not the ones who thought they did, but those who did not have even the slightest idea that they were influencing us. In the Christian life, godly influence is never conscious of itself. If we are conscious of our influence, it ceases to have the genuine loveliness which is characteristic of the touch of Jesus. We always know when Jesus is at work because He produces in the commonplace something that is inspiring.
 ** Shared from Oswald Chambers
Our prayer today:
Father,  forgive me and thank you for continuing to speak to me about what it means to be a true Christ-like Disciple.  My past is gone and my future lies in your hands. I will no longer seek for significance - but rather God I will seek to serve others in whatever way that may manifest itself in my life.  Serving others out of my poverty brings me close to You Lord.  I pray for those who feel the need to serve out of duty, or serve to be recognized, or serve to have control, or serve out of anything that is not of love.  My understanding of being in Your Will has grown. I no longer count my days nor count my actions and compare to others.  But I long and live to serve You.  The Father of all.  I pray for a clear mind and a clear heart that I might understand who I am to serve and where.  May the many doors of need be opened to me as I seek to love others as You  have loved me.  At my worst moment and at my best You have loved me.  I pray for my circle of influence whoever and whatever that might be.  I pray that they would not see me, but they would see You in all Your fullness and grace and mercy and acts of servitude.  May I always turn beautiful eyes towards evil.  May I always extend beautiful hands to the rough.  My I always use beautiful feet to go and serve in the muck.  May my life be a total reflection of your beauty and light.  I love you Lord.  I lift my Voice.  To Worship You oh my soul rejoice.  Take joy my King in what You hear.  May it be a sweet sweet sound in Your ear.

Your daughter,

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